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As a team of Performance Psychologists we partner with you to develop self-insight, personal resilience, and social resilience.

As a provider to the KIFBM program we provide coaching around strategic planning, informed decision making, as well as navigating and leading through volatility, complexity and uncertainty.

With a Lead Coach that resides on island, and a range of coaches that are both psychologists and farmers we bring lived experience in farm business management to our CoachKI program.

Please click play to learn more from our Q & A session.

Meet the Coach

Susan and her 'girls' say hello from their home in the Adelaide Hills.

Watch and learn a little more about one of our coaches, with lived experience in farm business planning and management. 

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OutsideIn Coaching Info Sheet.jpg
OutsideIn Coaching Info Sheet.jpg

Jess, Psychologist & Lead Coach

Jess Gysin-Webster supports and challenges leaders to discover more of themselves and develop insight into how others experience them. She utilises reflective questioning techniques to challenge assumptions and spark change

within individuals.

Coaching Team


Susan, Psychologist & Farmer

Susan Bankes brings graduate qualifications in horticultural science and through working with the University of Adelaide Horticulture and Farm management at Urrbrae, she has both academic and practical experience in farm business planning and management. As a psychologist, she focuses on providing a space for individuals to challenge, grow, and develop themselves as leaders through her reflective and supportive coaching approach.


Bec, Psychologist & Coach

Rebecca Edgley has a depth of experience in bringing the science of performance psychology and has a passion for all aspects of developing the capability of leaders – facing this challenge with fresh eyes to offer new and innovative solutions.


Cilla, Business Leadership Specialist

Priscilla Knowles has many years of experience and success in facilitating leadership development and coaching professionals in a range of contexts, from technical skills to mindset and performance uplift.


Emma, Psychologist & Farmer

Emma Sharkie has extensive experience working with individuals and groups to build resilience, capability, well-being and performance. Living on a farm in a rural community enables her to bring perspective on the unique challenges of this context, the importance of connection, resilience and the impact of disaster in rural areas. Through this lens, Emma is able to provide coaching services to transform individual’s mindsets.


Rochelle, Psychologist & Coach

Through her warm, engaging, and person-centred approach, Dr Rochelle Burton has developed the capability and potential of others and has supported people in becoming their best selves through coaching using evidence-based approaches.

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