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Partnering with you to tackle complex people challenges


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Hello, nice to meet you, we're OutsideIn!

At our core, we are Performance Psychologists. But... what makes us different?

We Build

We Improve

We do everything from an evidence base.

We bring the science of performance & wellbeing

to life in your workplace, unlocking the potential

within your people.

We Grow

We empower others and facilitate personal ownership.

We believe that fundamentally everyone can learn,
grow, and develop. We facilitate personal
accountability for change.

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We centre on the uniqueness of your story.

We co-create integrated solutions alongside
you, to deliver long term, sustainable impact,
within your organisation.


Through the art of partnering, we
together in a way that has been
as "progressive collaboration".
By approaching old problems with fresh eyes,
we bring current thinking from the outside
and challenge current perspectives
from inside your organisation.  
We work alongside you to define existing
or unseen challenges, and co-create

bespoke solutions. 

Our Most Requested Services

Leadership Coaching

Coaching programs enabling leaders to have a clear and focused sense of who they are, and how others experience them, so that they can lead well, now and into the future.


Defining leadership capabilities and identifying leaders most likely to empower organisations to be future state ready.


Positive, proactive approaches to creating a culture where people thrive. Peer supports, mental health first aid... what might work for you?


An advisory service to select the very best candidate, for critical and complex appointments, backed by objective and psychometric data. 


Identifying priorities that through deliberate investment bring out the very best in your people.

Bespoke Programs

Invite us to meet with you over coffee and let's co-design a performance psychology initiative together.

Team Coaching

 Building high performing teams and growing shared ownership of organisational outcomes, to increase collective capability now and into the future.


Creating a safe space to confront root causes and build a collective understanding of your organisation's current state. 



Immersive development forums that facilitate exchange of insights and ideas, enabling the transfer of learning to practice across your organisation.


We work with a broad range of organisations, just like yours...


Our Team


Rebecca Edgley

Managing Director & Performance Psychologist


Jess Gysin-Webster

Lead Consultant & Performance Psychologist


Jessica Milford

Lead Collaborator & 

Project Lead


Hannah Long

Project Lead &
Provisional Psychologist


Cathryn Robinson

Project Coordinator & Provisional Psychologist


Ava Sokolowski

Project Coordinator & Coach


Rochelle Brunton

Collaborator, Psychologist & Coach


Susan Bankes

Collaborator, Psychologist & Coach


Emma Scharkie

Collaborator, Psychologist & Coach


Sanne Baltussen

Collaborator &
Provisional Psychologist


Anna Gardiner

Coach &
Provisional Psychologist


Cilla Knowles

Collaborator &


Nina Marshall

Collaborator &
Provisional Psychologist


Melissa Boonzaayer

Collaborator &


Michelle Lyon-Green

Collaborator &


Helen Greeneklee

Collaborator & Psychologist


Ronda Bain

Collaborator &
Wellbeing Specialist


Sonya Vandergoot

Collaborator & Psychologist


Alice Redman-Wenham

Collaborator & Psychologist 

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Madeleine Clise

Collaborator & Psychologist

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